Your Odessa Mission Team has returned and we are pumped for God’s greater work in Ukraine

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Thank You!!
Your Odessa Mission Team has returned and we are pumped for God’s greater work in Ukraine.

The Team:
Stephanie Cline (from California)
Craig Boden
Jeremy Shank
Megan McDowell
Kellie McDowell
Dasha Popova
Langston Haygood

Craig & Langston held a seminar for The Springs Family Counseling Center in Odessa. Since the counselors at the Counseling Center have developed a ministry to military, veterans and their families, and to refugees, Craig & Langston focused on how to help people who are suffering physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually. Craig used his experienced as a Crisis intervention counselor in 9/11 and Katrina, and Langston focused on helping those who are suffering, dying and grieving. God blessed our time together.

Stephanie held a seminar for those interested in learning more about how to develop ways to become more self-supporting, especially since the fall of communism and in view of the reality that a war is now raging in Ukraine. People need ways of meeting their basic needs.

Megan, Jeremy and Dasha spend time sharing their experience of God’s grace in their own lives by talking with youth and young adults. Stephanie and Kellie also visited an orphanage for special needs children. Amazing.

The group travelled to the Refugee camp in Sergeyevka to bring medical, food and other supplies to the 200 plus refugees in this camp. Please visit our website to view more about our visit. God is working-- transforming lives, bringing people to faith even in the midst of their suffering and deprivation.

We also visited Belgorod-Dnestrovsky to see how God has used Sergei Betin (and his wife, Lyuda) to help coordinate the establishment of a Christian Medical Clinic and to pastor the Belgorod Presbyterian Church.

Langston had the opportunity to minister in the military hospital in Odessa, talk with some wounded vets from the war in Eastern Ukraine, and to listen to recovering soldiers who had been in a tank division in the Ukrainian army.

Now, we are looking at further needs:

Our Counselors have been invited to participate in two significant events in Ukraine: Both are opportunities to serve military personnel and their families, as well as refugees. These events are scheduled for August and September.

Also, the needs of the refugees are pressing each day. Our ministry team travels from Odessa to Sergeyevka regularly. They bring supplies of food, medicine, clothing and the hope that is in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their special training and experience as counselors enable them to have opportunities that otherwise might be closed. Our goal is to continue to assist them in the extraordinary opportunity. Sometimes there’s only one time to do some things. Now is the time. The door is open. We are persuaded that what people really need is the hope of a new life and a fresh beginning that Christ offers.

Pathway Ministries is reaching out to help families in Ukraine through events, seminars, counseling and meeting the physical and spiritual needs of a nation at war. We also assist the work of the Life Care Center in Izmail (a ministry of saving the lives of unborn children and assisting mom’s and dad’s in parenting) and promoting the ministry of Journey to Freedom (a work that helps men and women break the bondage of addiction).

Prayer Requests

1. That The Springs (Rodnik) personnel will be able to participate in the events in August and September of ministering to vets and their families: they need our support prayerfully and financially to make this happen;
2. That the Gospel of Jesus Christ would powerfully move among the refugees, the military, Ukraine (and Russia);
3. That a spiritual awakening and transformational revival might sweep through our broken world.

Please continue to…

1. Prayer
2. Offering to be a part of a mission team; contact Langston
3. contribute financially one time or monthly through:

Pathway Ministries, Inc.
E. Langston Haygood,D.Min.,Ph.D., Director
P. O. Box 26589
Birmingham, AL 35260
…or you can donation online…

And you can also contact us to discuss our mission… and how you can help.

Please take 5 Minutes to watch a video showing the extraordinary ministry of The Springs (Rodnik) Family Counseling Center as their minister to the physical, mental, psychological and spiritual needs of the families fleeing for safety and refuge in Sergeyevka, Ukraine…

Refugee Ministry of Rodnik Couns Ctr 2015