Our Board

Rev. E. Langston Haygood,D.Min.,Ph.D.,LPC, President
James N. Hall, M.D.
Mark W. Lee, J.D., Atty.
Tommy Turpin, CPA
Alice H. Churnock, M.A.,LPC
Emily C. Haygood, M.S.

Some of Our Outreach and Service Ministries Include…

  • Holding Conferences, Seminars and Speaking Venues to further a Christ-centered and biblical world and life.
  • Sponsoring Regular Mission Trips (with special focus on Ukraine, but we have ministered from Canada to New Zealand).
  • Founding, training and supporting the ministry of The Springs (Rodnik) Family Counseling Center, Odessa, Ukraine.
  • Supporting the work of other ministries in Ukraine; for example, Snezhana Popova, Life Care Center, Izmail; Tanya Kruchenko, Journey to Freedom, Ukraine.
  • Our Ukraine ministries include orphanages, elderly, refugees, vets, families, children, youth, business training opportunities, plus simply offering the love of Jesus Christ through our presence, prayers and assistance.
  • Offering Counseling in America and Abroad to missionaries and others on various issues either personally or through our referrals, for example:
  • Personal Struggles: Depression; Anxiety; Panic; Emotional adjustments; Marriage and Family Counseling; Addictions; Career; ADHD; Grief; PTSD, etc…
  • Offering Assistance to students seeking to become Christian Counselors through the ELH Counselor Education Scholarship Fund.
  • Participating in the development of a ministry to American vets who are suffering emotional, physical relational, and spiritual adjustments as a result of the War on Terrorism.