News from Ukraine September 18, 2023

September 18 ( Day 572)

«Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!» Psalms 133:1
This is one of the passages of scripture that we studied during our retreat. The counselors of our center had three days of rest in a quiet place not far from our town. We stayed in peace, had a swim in the pool, went for walks and enjoyed fellowship. Everybody obeyed the rule: “ No calls from the clients” for three days. It was a good time to relax, to share and to encourage each other.

When the retreat was over and everybody went back to Odessa, our counselor George stayed for one more day in our town and met with our group of refugees on Saturday in the café. He presented a very important topic – “ How to treat war veterans” . Now we see a lot of soldiers around- in the café, in the stores, in the streets. The expression on their faces shows that they have returned from a combat zone. George explained what happens to the soldier when he comes home from war, how gentle and patient we should be. It was very useful information especially for some women in our group whose husbands are at war.

George is leading a support group of veterans in Odessa and does individual counseling for soldiers. He being a war veteran himself knows how they feel and what they need. We plan to implement step by step the program that George created on rehabilitation of war veterans and may be some day we will open a rehabilitation center for war veterans. George’s son-in-law and his grandson are in the army and are fighting on the front line.

I want to thank everybody who prayed with me for Alex ( the young soldier who was suicidal few months ago). I did not hear from him for a week, he did not answer my messages but yesterday he called and it was so nice to hear his positive voice and to know that he is in a good mood. God answered our prayers in a wonderful way, Alex met a soldier who is a mature Christian, they became friends and Alex enjoyed the fellowship and encouragement. And though they were together only few days because his friend was from a different detachment that went to a different position, it was a wonderful support for Alex. Another positive news for him is the fact that his commander promised him a two-week vacation next month. Alex is excited about going home to see his father and grandmother. It’s so wonderful that his heart is open for God, we always pray with him when we talk.

We are glad to hear regularly from our youth leader, Paul Lukoshkin who is somewhere on the front line now with his artillery group. Last month he had to struggle with one more enemy that was allergy, it was a season of the weed that provoked allergies and it was blooming everywhere in the fields. Paul is very sensitive to it and medicines do not always help. Now he feels better and continues his heroic service to the country and to the Lord. He has so much opportunity to witness about the Lord to his friends in the army.

Our army is going on the counter-offensive, and it may seem that it is going slowly, but our soldiers are confidently moving forward and we really hope that the day will come when all the territories of Ukraine will be liberated and Victory will come. And Victory is always from the Lord.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

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P.S. There are photos of Alex, of George leading the group meeting, and two photos of Paul