News from Ukraine, October 25, 2023

October 25, 2023 (Day 609)

The days are getting shorter, but there is so much to do. So many people around need psychological help and support. For the first six months of the war, I worked every day in the local defense center, in a group that made camouflage nets. It was a kind of a support group, because while working, we communicated all the time. We started the day with prayer, expressed our thoughts and feelings, shared news and stories. Then I became more and more busy with refugees and other things and began to come there less and less often. A couple of weeks ago, when I came to visit them, they asked me to start a group with them. These women who work so dedicatedly to help the military are very tired both physically and emotionally. The husbands and sons of many of them are fighting at the front.

We had our first meeting last week and I saw how much they needed it. They respond so well to my effort to help them. Many of them asked for individual meetings and I made a schedule for them. Today I had a session with a woman who feels she should do as much as she can to help the soldiers and she lives with a feeling of guilt that she does not do enough. We talked about her personal needs, about the charge of her battery, about her family that needs her. I taught her some relaxation techniques and she is ready to change her life and have rest. I hope that other women in the group will response as well as this lady and will become refreshed and renewed.

Last week, I had a call from Nadya, our refugee, mother of 5 children, who had been in the hospital for a year caring for her wounded husband Sasha. She told that they are coming back. After hospital, Sasha stayed for several months in the sanatorium having rehabilitation. Despite all the efforts of specialists, the procedures and exercises did not give the expected results. Sasha does not walk. Now we are thinking how to help the family to organize Sasha’s life to make it comfortable for him and his family. We also think how we can help him not to lose his spirit. He needs a wheelchair, a special bed and some other things. But probably most of all he needs the fellowship of believers. The children are very glad to have their parents home.

Our church is raising money for an ambulance for Dr. Anya’s unit. They found the vehicle they need in Poland. We will have to cover the repairing and transportation of it through the border to Ukraine. We have collected almost the whole sum and we need $1,200 more for the full amount. Our elders Peter and Victor will travel to bring it here and in a few weeks Dr. Anya and her unit will go “ for water melons”. Kherson region was always famous for the most tasty watermelons. It means that they will take part in the liberation of the occupied part of Kherson region.

Today I took part in a webinar and among the participants there were some psychologists from Israel. I have known some of them since the last year when they were ready to share their experience and help us in our work. Now they need support, help and prayers. They say that many people in Israel feel that their inner world is broken. They are lost, confused and devastated. And we know exactly how and what they feel. May the Lord give strength to our countries to endure this pain and may peace come. True peace in the country and in the hearts of people can only come from Jesus Christ, who conquered death and gave life.

Let us unite in prayer for peace on earth and in the hearts of people.

In Christ,
P.S. There are photos of the group of volunteers that make camouflage nets, the photos of Dr. Anya and the medical workers of her group and the photo of an ambulance.