News from Ukraine, October 17, 2023

October 17, 2023 ( Day 601)

Today is 601 days from the start of the war. Every night we are woken up by the sounds of alarms. This night was no exception, there was an air attack on Kherson and Odesa. The enemy destroyed the hospital in Kherson and a building of yacht school in Odesa. The war has been going on for so long and no end can be seen. We are accustomed to many things and try to live and survive in different situations, but there are things that are impossible to get used to. As winter approaches, we think about practical things. It will be another difficult winter. We know that our enemy is preparing missiles to shoot at energy objects, as they did last winter. Their goal is to leave us without electricity and heat in winter. But now we have generators and prepare everything we can to survive this winter. We are insulating the walls of the building of our refugee center and improve the heating system to make the building warm and heat saving. We want it to be the place not only for people to live but also for people to come during the day to get warm and have a cup of tea.

Sergey and I travelled to Odessa yesterday with our refugee who is also Sergey, he had an appointment with his doctor at the oncological hospital. About a month ago he was put to hospital because felt very bad, he could not sleep and was in pain. At some point his kidneys stopped working and his state was critical. Many people prayed for him. After some time he began to feel better and his state improved. He continues his treatment and there is hope for better. We thank God for showing His love and for touching Sergey’s heart.

We continue to pray for Vitaliy, Dr. Anya’s husband. He had another surgery, it was on his shoulder and he was transferred from intensive therapy to an ordinary ward after it. Anya told us she wanted to talk to the surgeon after the surgery but it was impossible, he had eighteen surgeries on that day. Anya can visit Vitaliy now and she met three other men in his ward. Each of them is a separate story and a prayer request.

Zhenya is a young man, he was badly wounded in the battle near Kherson and his both legs are amputated so high that prosthetics are probably impossible. But he is the most positive of all the guys, he constantly exercises his hands and asks not to help him, he tries to do everything himself.

Kolya is a little bit older, he stepped on a mine and lost one of his legs. Kolya is not very talkative, most of the time he reads something in his phone or sleeps.

Nazar cannot move his arms after a back injury he got in one of the battles. Their unit was attacked and fired upon and many of their soldiers died under intense enemy fire. His wife was among the dead; they served in the army together. Nazar refuses to eat, he is very down emotionally.

Anya described these three men so well that I almost see them when I pray for them.

The other day I was walking down the street and watched a married couple walking ahead with a baby in a stroller. The man was in military uniform and it was clear from his tanned and weather-beaten face that he had recently been to war. He probably came home for a few days and is enjoying time with his family but soon he will return to the front again…

Please, pray for the soldiers, for their protection, for their strength and courage, for the wisdom and guidance and for the work of the Holy Spirit in their hearts.

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P.S. There are photos of the damage in Odessa and Kherson, the photo of Dr. Anya visiting her husband Vitalliy in the hospital and the photos of the refugee center renovation – sticking wallpapers and insulating the back wall of the building.