News from Ukraine May 4, 2023

May 4 ( Day 435)

News from Ukraine

This week was in some ways the same as the previous weeks, but in some ways it was completely different.
Sergey and I decided to go to Odessa and spend some time with our counselors there, rearrange the setting of our office and meet with people from Odessa church. Our counseling center rents the office from Odessa Presbyterian church, whose beautiful historic building is located downtown. We rent three rooms where our counselors do individual counseling and group work. We are thinking of renting more rooms after the war ends and do more work developing different directions of Christian counseling.

We had a good meeting with Roman, Vika and George, they shared the challenges of counseling in this period of war, we discussed the idea of spreading Christian counseling now when there is a big need in spiritual care. We want to attract to our center Christians who are interested in counseling and share with them our methods and vision. Our goal is to give people much more than temporal problem solving, we want to direct them to the One who can give eternal healing to our souls.

It was so nice to be in Odessa at this season when everything is blooming. We don’t often go to Odessa because of road complexity. The only road that connects Odessa with southern region is very busy and because of check points the transport has to stand and wait a lot so it takes a long time to travel.

We had a nice walk down to the sea in the evening and went to bed in a good mood, but we did not sleep long, around 3 a.m. we were woken up by the sounds of explosions that were very loud. Later we found out that Odessa was attacked by 15 drones at night, 12 of them were destroyed by the air defense, but 3 of them hit some buildings. It was especially loud in the northern part of the city, where Roman lives. He says everything was shaking, his family was sitting together in one room till morning. Praise the Lord, there were no deaths. There were attacks on other cities this night, too.

In the morning Odessa looks as usual the life is going on, people hurry to work. But there are less people and cars in the streets, much less than it was before the war.

Please, pray for the protection of our cities and for the development of Christian counseling in Ukraine

In Christ,

P.S. There are photos of Odessa, of our meeting and the photo of the night attack.