News from Ukraine July 18, 2023

July 18 (Day 510)

I am now far from home, where all life and everything around me is completely different. I am enjoying peace and silence. It’s so pleasant to see so many smiles around, to meet with people who irradiate love and positivity, to worship with churches and feel as a part of a family. I thank God for this wonderful welcome.

I also enjoy the time with my family. My grandchildren grew up a little bit and became more mature, they speak English and enjoy new environment. Every evening we have a special time when we read the Scripture, have talks and pray. I am glad that they always pray for Ukraine, for peace, for the wellbeing of those whom they know and love.

Though I feel happy and peaceful here, my heart aches and I never stop thinking about my home, my church and my country. And though I feel so happy being here in the USA, I want to go home and be with my husband, with my church and do what I can to bring the Victory closer.

I talk to Sergey every day, sometimes several times a day. He is doing well, busy as always. Now, when I am away he gives more time to the refugees in our group. He also supervises the renovation works in our Refugee Center. I feel so much glad to hear that our church is doing well and many things are going on there.

Our youth group continues leading a Bible club “Superbook” for children. It is such a happy time for kids from our community who do not have much fun this time. We thank God for our church building with a big and nice basement where they feel safe and comfortable.

Yesterday evening I was reading news on my telephone and up at sudden received a message from my sister-in-law, Tatyana, who lives in Odessa. I was surprised that she was not asleep, it was 4 a.m. in Ukraine. She answered that they were experiencing a massive air attach on Odessa and she was sitting on the floor in the corner of her corridor which she thought was the safest place in her apartment. The building was shaking and the explosions did not stop for several hours. I suggested her to pray Psalm 91 together. Soon she wrote me that it got quiet and she was going to bed.

Later I read the news about the attack, the enemy was targeting the port and other places in Odessa. There were three waves of attack, the rockets were flying from the sea. Out air defense forces worked hard to destroy them in the air but still the parts of them fell on the city and caused destructions. I thank God that nobody died this night. There were attacks on Kharkiv, Nilolayev and other cities this night, it has already become a routine for big cities.

Thank you for your prayers, please, continue to pray for my country. I ask a special prayer Dr. Anya who is traveling with two more companions through Europe now. They went there to buy and bring back several cars that their military unit needs so much now. They are travelling back now and had to stop in Romania yesterday because of some problems with one car and the documents. Please, pray for their safe travelling back.

In Christ,

P.S. There are photos of destruction in Odessa after the night attack, the children in the Bible club and the meeting of the refugees in the café.