June 2016 Report

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Dear brothers and sisters!
Let me tell you about the work of our Center in June 2016.
We continue to assist the refugees, the military and their families.Our work has changed a little, because we do not go to Sergeevka anymore. Very few people remain there. Almost all of the refugees have already left the place. By the end of summer, most likely, noone will remain there.

However, we continue to visit other places of settlement of the refugees which are located in our city.I will tell you a little about the way the refugees live now. The majority of the refugees have been living in Odessa and near Odessa already for 1.5 to 2 years. Housing remains the most complicated issue for them. The government has proved helpless in dealing with the housing problems of the refugees. Also, for many of the refugees the financial issue remains serious. It is impossible either to support oneself or to rent a place to live for the money which is allocated to them as refugees by the state.

This sum is an equivalent of around 18 US dollars per month per person. This amount is not enough to buy life necessities even for a week.All the refugees live their usual lives, and, in addition to the problem of their being refugees, they have typical problems which usual people face.

They fall in love, marry, divorce, conflict, they are concerned about their children; their children pass exams at schools and universities, etc.What bonds many of them is being homesick. We hear especially often from teenagers how they miss their homes. Well, they had many friends at home, and it is not easy for everyone to find new friends here.

Our psychologist Victoria tries to help the children and teenagers to adjust for living in Odessa. She visits them every week, communicates with them, takes them for a walk at the seafront, visits with them leisure-time entertainments. Both the children and the parents are always very happy when she comes!Below are some photos of those under Victoria’s care