Faces of Ukraine

I grew up fast at the age of 15 after my father died in terrible torment. Cancer was killing him slowly but surely but I was so naive that I couldn’t even imagine that death was able to take away the most precious and the closest person in my life.
After the passing away of my father, my mother went into the deepest depression and almost completely stopped communicating with me. I was in so much pain and in desperate need to talk to someone but my own mom didn’t even notice my presence. The cemetery where my father laid became the only place I could go to. At my father’s grave, I...

If you are looking for hope, read on.

Here are stories of faith, courage and vision. These are Ukrainians whose lives radically changed. How? One thing. These are the Faces of Ukraine—and voices.

In 2005, I made my first foray into the Breadbasket of Europe (Ukraine). (The Nazi’s liked the soil so much, they bulldozed the soil by the train loads and sent it back to Germany.) And before Hitler, Stalin had annihilated millions from this country that never was. Just recently, the BBC reported the discovery of a mass grave containing five to eight thousand bodies and there are...

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