“Christ is Born! Let us glorify Him!”

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Dear friends,
We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas! Here, in Ukraine, at Christmas, we great one another with the words “Christ is Born! Let us glorify Him!”
We thank God for you, for the fact that you glorify Christ every day of your lives with the good works, prayers and the hearts that respond to needs of others! May Christ's love abide with you forever!
In this report, I do not want so much to tell you as to show you with the photos and the video the way we have been concluding this year.
Our work continues. Our counselors continue visiting the military and the refugees. The renovations of our office have been completed. The only thing that is left is to make it furnished and equipped. But we have already begun conducting individual and group sessions in it.
On December 23 and 24, together with our two Presbyterian local churches in Odessa, we held a Christmas charitable fair. The goal of the fair was to raise the funds for the ministry to the veterans and their families as well as to the refugees. We invited people who are skilled in crafts to sell their goods so that a certain part of the money from the sales could be deducted for our ministry. Also, we organized a concert of young talented performers from our city as well as games, competitions, prize drawing, and an organ concert. Psychologists of our center held workshop sessions for children and adults. Unfortunately, fewer people came than we expected, yet the event worked out well. Everyone was saying that the mood was very warm and asked us to invite them again in the future. We did not raise as much money as we hoped, but, owing to the fair, very many people came to the church for the first time. Praise God!
On December 25, we celebrated Christmas with the veterans and their families. Again, together with our churches, we arranged a festive program for the children and the adults, preparing refreshments and gifts. At the Christmas meeting, we thanked the military for the fact that they defend our country and ourselves; we talked about hope, about joy and love which God gives. It was a wonderful time! The people were saying that on the way to the church they felt nervous, because they did not know who we were and what to expect. However, when already at the church, they felt relaxed, restful and joyous. At the end of the evening, the pastor prayed for the military. Some of them went to the frontline right after this meeting.

These three days were both hard and blessed at the same time. It was our first very close cooperation with our churches, and the fruit of this cooperation is just amazing. We think that we need to carry on and continue holding such events.
Please keep praying for us and for those to whom we serve.
You can support our ministry by visiting http://www.pathwayministriesinc.com/
With love in Christ,
Lena Kolker,
Director of the Odessa Springs Counseling Center