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Our mission is to help people find a path no one knew was there (Psalm 77:19 NLT). We have seen in our work and ministry around the world where we have ministered men and women, young people and children searching for something more. We know what they are looking for: a fresh hope in the midst of emptiness, strength and joy for day to day living, healing for their deepest pain, courage for their greatest challenges, and spiritual peace that only the Gospel of Jesus Christ offers (Rom. 5:1).

News And Events

News from Ukraine March 22, 2023

March 22,

Yesterday our day was busy and full of different events. In the morning our refugees gathered in the café for breakfast and we had many talks and discussions. As usual some of them wanted to talk individually, it’s a good time to listen, to pray and to encourage them in their walk with God. I want to share some stories.

Alexandra and her husband are in their late 60s,...

News from Ukraine March 18, 2023

March 18 (Day 386)

It was a good week, we had so many things done. The highlight of the week was a seminar that was very helpful. Yesterday we had a zoom meeting with our counselors and they all looked so relieved and positive and shared stories about he conference. When Roman, Vika and George were coming from Odessa to our town they were stopped at the checkpoint and asked about the...

News from Ukraine March 15, 2023

March 15 (Day 385)

Yesterday was a special day in our church, we received guests who came to teach a seminar on helping people with war trauma. Dr. Jim Wilder, the chief neurotheologian of Life Model Works (USA) and Thomas Gerlach trauma therapist (Germany) made a trip visiting different cities in Ukraine with a mission that is very timely now. We had a big group, we invited people from...

News from Ukraine March 11, 2023

March 11 (Day 381)

It’s a weekend again and I am preparing for our group meeting. Our counselor Vika is coming from Odesa today and we will do a group meeting together. Besides the group, it will be an opportunity to do more individual counseling if there is such a need.

Our group is growing and we are glad that more and more people of our support group start attending the church...

News from Ukraine March 8, 2023

March, 8 (Day 378)

First spring days are warm and nice and there are snowdrops blooming around. March 8 is a Women’s Day, the holiday that we inherited from our soviet past. In the beginning it was based on socialist ideology of equality then it lost its political background and people just celebrated it greeting women and having parties. We still celebrate it but there are more and...